“The More You Know”

webinar advertisement video series

  • DURATION: Two days (usually consecutive days) one am & one late afternoon/pm session to stream your recording to the public.
  • RECORDING LENGTH: 30-40 minutes, mp4.
  • Q&A: Yes, live.
  • COMMERCIALISM: Yes, it is a marketing video, however staying focused on the technical content keeps your audience’s best interest.
  • AUDIENCE FEEDBACK: Yes, 5-6 survey questions from to test the audience for awareness of your products, services, standard procedures etc.
  • EXTENDED EXPOSURE: Yes, recordings can be accessed on the TMYK YouTube channel.
  • HANDOUTS: Yes, the system can accommodate up to 5 files (brochures, slides etc.) to share during the webinar and can be downloaded.
  • FEE: It is free for anyone to attend (SPWLA member or not).
  • PRICE: One video – 2 days $1000.
  • MORE DETAILS: contact [email protected]